Friday, 9 September 2016

It was a beautiful sunny day as we headed out into the fjord. It was a little bit windy but that just made the ride out a bit more fun and bumpy. Today we didn´t have to wait too long to see these magnificent creatures and we were very blessed as there were an incredible amount of humpback whales in the fjord today. On our fist tour we spotted at least 12 different whales!! We watched in awe as these fantastic creatures surfaced numerous times and came so close to us before arching and going for a deeper dive. On our second tour of the day we observed 9 different humpbacks coming up in all different directions. We were also lucky enough to see a huge tail lob and a breaching whale! It was very far away but still magnificent, what a fantastic day in Eyjafjord.

  • Tess Hudson

CLASSIC tour cancelled today due to boat refurbishments.