Monday, 22 August 2016

I could have never foreseen what happened on the tours today. I tell you why. In the morning, the cloud coverage was close to 100 percent but the visibility was still pretty good. We spotted some humpback whales after an hour of sailing on the first tour. One of them we knew. Its name is Van Gogh (the one with a bunch of barnacles hanging from one side of the fluke). We also saw two more individuals around us but we could not find them in the catalog. They might be new ones or at least without a name still. They were showing their flukes a lot. The last tour of the day was almost a blind tour! It was so foggy we could not see further than 100 meters around the boat! Crazy! We finally saw a humpback surfacing next to the boat. It was a fantastic experience because we had to use more our ears rather than our eyes in order to find the animals. Very emotional and odd trips we had today in the fjord!

  • Jorge