Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Today was an incredible day in Eyjafjordur, lots of sunshine and during the first two tours it was so warm that nobody needed a red overall. We had to travel a bit further out today to find the whales but once we found them there were many of them in the same area. We saw at least 5 individuals each tour with animals swimming together as pairs, moving synchronized and coming very close to the boat.Because the water conditions were so good we managed to follow the animals through the water. During the tours we also saw animals lobtailing and breaching in the distance but unfortunately we did not see this behaviour up-close. We were able to see the huge splashes they made very well. When looking at the fluke patterns of the animals and comparing them to the catalog we found out that we knew at least two of the humpback whales we saw today. So possibly we also met some newcomers to the bay.

  • Anouk de Plaa