Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The fjord was perfectly flat as we headed out and we even got a few glimpses of sun behind the clouds. It was only a ten minute drive until the first blows were spotted in the distance. The first individual we encountered was Needle followed by Awesome fluker and then four humpback whales surfaced in the near distance! We were completely spoilt for choice as another two humpies joined the foray just a few minutes later so we had 8 humpback whales to choose from. Other individuals we were able to identify were Frankenstein and Firework and the two new individuals who have yet to be named. One humpback even came within two meters of the boat and shocked us all as it surfaced without warning! As well as the abundant humpbacks were were able to observe a number of bird species such as whooper swans, greylag geese, eider duck, long-tailed duck and guillemots. What an incredible day to be out on the fjord!

  • Tess Hudson

  • Picture by Tess Hudson