Friday, 25 November 2016

Pictures by Megan Whittaker

Eyjafjörður was still beautifully white and thankfully today there was no rain to dampen our experience. It was however incredible to watch the gusts of winds sweep past and watch the snow and sea vapor from the waters surface to swirl up and blow of the mountains. Quite beautiful but also extremely cold. The humpback whales kept our minds of the cold, they were found roughly in the same area as yesterday, near to Hauganes. There were more spread out today and only the humpback 'Adam' could be identified from the day before, the others were probably a bit further to the north as we could see blows of a small pod of humpbacks there too. we however decided to stay with the four scattered individuals that were between Hjalteyri and Hauganes and were patient, waited from them to surface. On one occasion we didn't have to move anywhere because a humpback whale surfaced and headed directly towards us, in the end surfacing just 10 meters from the boat before diving and turning. We were in shock, speechless in this feeling of when a wild animal of this size chooses to come that close to you. The whole experience of today's winter whale watching was amazing and we are all very excited and are looking forward to tomorrow's adventure with a much calmer wind, the forecast looks perfect. Hope to see you all tomorrow.