Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wind was hitting Akureyri from the north today, bringing the arctic cold with it, fortunately the overall work perfectly in this kind of days so we just needed a pair of gloves and a hat. The sea was carrying big swell and it was a bit rough, however we did enjoy sailing as authentic Vikings! We did have several encounters with humpback whales, in some of them the individuals came very close to the boat giving us a majestic show of their fluke before they went for a deeper dive. We could recognize “Fjall” and “Dark Knight”, two humpback whales that have been in the fjord for a while already.

  • Alejandro García

  • Picture: Alejandro García

Due to the bad weather and full cloud coverage we experienced during the day we were worried that we may have to cancel the tour. Fortunately the night sky cleared up fantastically and we were able to see shards of the green northern lights even before we left the harbour! Further out into the fjord where there was less surrounding lights we began to see the wonderful shimmering of the ancient northern lights. In the darkness the lights covered the sky in wonderful greens and whites and danced around to us while we watched in wonder. As we viewed the shimming phenomenon we also got sight of a few wonderful star constellations, satellites and even a few shooting stars. Such a beautiful evening out on the lovely flat fjord!

  • Tess Hudson

  • Photos by Tess Hudson