Friday 21 October 2016

What a species-tastic day! The last few days in the fjord had been a bit rough and windy so much so we were unable to go out. However, today was quite different the fjord was lovely and flat and the wind light, which made sailing a delight. As we headed out into the fjord, a few harbour porpoises were seen frolicking around with the guillemots. We took a long drive admiring the beautiful landscape surrounding us. Not long after our second species was spotted a minke whale! These species are only occasionally seen in the fjord so it was delightful to see it surface a few times before disappearing under the sea. Only seconds later, a humpback whale surfaced only 250 meters away! Which we could identify as one of our regulars "Mariner". Once closer we watched this amazing animal surface many times before going for a deeper dive. Throughout the tour another four humpbacks were spotted, all of which we could identify; Needle, King Louis, Frankenstein & Reykja. We were able to get a lovely close look at all these animals. On two occasions the whales even came right up to us and swam under the boat it was incredible. What a special day to be out in the fjord!

  • Tess Hudson
  • Picture by Tess Hudson