Saturday 22 October 2016

It was nice a warm as we sailed out onto the fjord, the sea was calm and fairly flat and we had a few spots of blue up in the sky which made great spotting conditions. Only after 15 minutes of sailing our first species were spotted, the harbour porpoises gave us a lovely show, bringing up their tiny little backs and dorsal fins. While we were watching these amazing little animals a humpback whale surfaced only a hundred and fifty meters away! Once closer we were able to watch this animal surface multiple times before going for a deep dive raising its beautiful fluke as it did so. After a short wait, another two humpback whale were spotted, then another and another, all at varying distances. We were able to observe these animals moving from one to the other in slow predictable movements. After a while of watching these animals we headed out and viewed a further two humpback whales and a minke whale too! Some of our favorite whales were out on top form including; Needle, King Louis, Reykja, Marier, Frankenstein & Daggers. The last two of which came excitingly close, giving our passengers at the front quite a surprise.

  • Tess Hudson

  • Picture by Tess Hudson