Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Thanks to the sky clearing up, we had an amazing weather today. And the icing on the cake was the absence of wind, so the sea in Eyjafjordur was similar to a lake. We had a great time both on our RIB boat and on our ferry boat. We smoothly said under the sun, surrounded by mountains wearing a proud and magnificent snow hat. Needless to say, under such circumstances, we also had a splendid whale watching today ! We saw a total of 10 different humpback whales ! The 6 usual humpbacks whales we have been sighting recently were still present (see our nature blog entries from the last two weeks), but today they were joined by Montague and Fjall, two individuals we have been seing sporadically this month, but also by Mariner and Knobby, that whe only saw few times earlier in the summer. Most of them were traveling together as a group of 7, and it was mind-blowing to witness a large number of these huge animals surfacing one after the other, packed together, in a symphony of blows and inhalation. Because of their number, it was hard to focus as they went together in a deeper dive, raising synchronically their fluke out of the water, there was just too much to see ! Today was a blessing, and we are glad we could share it with our passengers.

  • Guillaume Calcagni

  • Picture by Barbara Neubarth