Sunday, 22 September 2019

Yet another serene day out on the fjord. It was mirror flat, with no wind and not too cold. Due to the flat surface we could easily see for miles and miles which enabled us to spot the whales very easily. On our tours today we spotted both Minke and Humpback whales. The minke surfaced very beautifully many times allowing us a wonderful look at its streamlined body. The humpback we could identify as Iskona. Our star of the month. Who delighted us with some absolutely wonderful surface sequences. Along with the whales many bird species were seen including common guillemot, European shag, eider duck and northern fulmar, to name but a few. A spectacular day in Eyjafjörður.

Departures today: Classic: 09:00 & 13:00

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson and Albert Camara