Saturday, 21 September 2019

Flat fjord, and perfect conditions to find whales! Our star today was Ískona, a humpback whale that has been in this area for several days. In our first tour this individual was not very easy to spot, due to the poorly visible blow and because it was coming up quite far away from us. Humpbacks can grow up to 17 metres, but Ískona is definitely not that big, probably is still a juvenile or immature animal. In our afternoon tour, Ískona was still in the same area and this time it was surfacing very calmly and close to the boat, and we had a very nice encounter with this humpback whale. In both tours we also spotted two harbour porpoises coming up not very far from us. These tiny cetaceans are usually very difficult to observe, as they are small and very shy, but the conditions today in the fjord were perfect to see these cute animals.

Departures: CLASSIC 9 & 13, EXPRESS 14

Text by Barbara Hintermayer, Pictures by Barbara Hintermayer & Tess Hudson