Sunday, 01 September 2019

Today we sailed out in grey and cold conditions. Close to Akureyri conditions looked very good and the water very smooth but already after a short period of sailing conditions changed rapidly and it became very wavy. In the first tour we found a humpback whale but it was moving very quick and only surfacing for very short periods of time. During the second tour the weather was quite rough and so our passengers got to experience the Icelandic rollercoaster. The people who were brave enough to stand in the front were also treated to some refreshing splashes.
We spotted a blow after about an hours sail, but we were unfortunately not able to find the animal again. Therefore, we offered people complimentary tickets so they can try again for free in the coming two years either here or in Reykjavik.

Departures: Classic 9 and 13 and Express 10

Text Anouk de Plaa, pictures by Tess Hudson