Saturday, 31 August 2019

BLUE WHALES IN THE FJORD!! Today was one of those days that we will remember for a long time! Beautiful sunny day, flat seas, no wind at all and a Blue whale almost in the harbour. The morning tour was a bit difficult, we spotted very high blows behind us just about 20min after we left so we decided to go back and check it out. Sleek body and one more big blow showed up around hot waterfall and disappeared. We waited for over an hour for the whale to pop up again but he didn’t and the tour was qualified as complimentary. However high blows and long diving time already gave us an idea that we might be having something bigger than usual fjord visitors like humpback whales. On 13:00 tour we decided to go further out and in the south of Hrisey we found not one, but Two Blue Whales ! A Couple of largest animals in the world was active and busy with feeding, we were able to follow the animals and see them many times. It is very rare to see those animals, it has been said that only about 1.8% of population had a chance to see a blue whale. Here in the Fjord it was only third time this year. Great day to be out there!

Departures today: Classic at 13h; Express at 10h

Text and Pictures by Ania Wojcik