Monday, 26 August 2019

Rain, sunshine and so many rainbows over the fjord! ! Today we got to see humpback whales on all of our tours. At first, they were fairly close to Akureyri but were heading up North as the day went on. In the afternoon, two humpbacks were even seen together: They were staying really close to each other and doing synchronized dives! They were circling around us, diving under the boat and surfacing right next to the boat letting us observe them really closely. Such an amazing encounter! Sea birds were also interested in us today, we had many Northern fulmars gliding around us and on one of the tours we even got to see a Northern gannet close to us ! What an exciting day with beautiful wildlife in Eyjafjördur!

Photos by Albert Cámara Balestegui
Text by Viivi Pöyhönen