Tuesday, 8 October 2019

A beautiful day to sail out - autumn in the north is in full colors now! We sailed out from Akureyri in almost windless conditions and in the morning tour we were able to find 3 individuals of Humpback Whales around Hjalteyri area. They were not easy to follow and quite spread in the distance between each other but we had few very nice encounters when one of them popped up just meters away from us. In the afternoon the conditions has changed a bit, we found two whales in the same area but we struggled with following them - the wind has picked up so it was harder to spot animals. Even tho we’ve seen whales, we kept quite far distance from them and for that reason we decided to call the tour complimentary and invite all our passengers to join us again some other time. The Express boat had much better luck! They went further out to Hauganes and had amazing encounter with 3 Humpack Whales - happy news of the day, our whale Aretha Frankfin seems to be back!

Departures today: Classic 09:00 & 13:00, Express 14:00

Text by Ania Wojcik
Pictures by Tess Hudson