Thursday, 17 January 2019

We started the tour from slowly breaking through thick layer of ice in the Fjord. We passed the hot waterfall and industrial part of the harbor when we spotted our first humpback whale. It was a “lazy fluker”, which means he didn’t show up his tail when going for a dive, so we couldn’t identify the whale - however most likely it’s the same indvidual that we’ve been seeing in this area since last week. He was going for longer dives and changing directions so it was not easy to follow him and eventually we decided to head further out to look for more animals. Such an unsatisfying feeling when the moment we moved away, he showed up again on the side of the boat and went for a dive - finally showing us the fluke! but at this point we were much ahead of him and taking ID picture was already off the table. Well hopefully next time! We went beyond Hjalteyri and around Hauganes we found three more Humpback whales! Great encounter, as two of them that we recognized - Jackson and Penguin were moving together and the third whale was close but keeping the distance. Unfortunatelly we didn’t manage to take ID pictures of the third one but it could be one from the group we’ve seen yesterday with Penguin. In total 4 whales today and so much to observe tomorrow!

Pictures and text: Ania Wójcik