Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What a great day to be out there! We’ve begun the tour from spotting two Northern Bottlenose Whales just around industrial part of the harbor. One of the whales did spy-hopping - a very rare behaviour to see and it happend right in front of us! He did that two times and disappeared in the water. The other whale was a bit further and we’ve seen them together few more times. While we were waiting for them to show up again we spotted a humpback whale very close to the harbor. We stayed with all three of them for a while and head out north to look for more animals. The wind was picking up and fog was not helping in searching but we spotted another Humpback whale around the buoy before Hjalteyri. We observed him diving few times before spotting a group of whales about 700 meters away from us - of course we headed in their direction! There we found Jackson - a whale we’ve seen yesterday and a group of three whales swimming together. Stunning view to see their synchronized movements just on the side of the boat. In total we spotted today 8 whales including 2 different species - I simply can’t wait to see what we’ll find tomorrow!

Pictures and text: Ania Wójcik