Tuesday, 31 July 2018

We sailed with beautiful conditions, blue sky and sunshine. We have been missing this sort of weather since it has been quite gray the last few weeks. After an hour sailing we encountered two humpback whale swimming side by side, moving slowly and coming to the surface often and close to the boat. On our later tours we encountered many more humpbacks and even a group of 5 individuals, which were very busy filling their large stomachs full of fish and krill. 

On a few of our tours we got quite a surprise, as we encountered a group of northern bottlenose whales. They were right in the harbour. These northern bottlenose whales are visitors to our fjord and we spotted them for the first time a month ago.
We are not sure why they are visiting our fjord because these animals normally live far away from the shore and in very deep water. However, it was great to see this group again, the animals seemed relaxed coming up often and did not move away from the boat.

Text Anouk de Plaa, pictures by Tess Hudson