Saturday, 19 May 2018

Text by Annalisa Sambolino, Pictures by Albert Camara and Liza Roger

Today we headed outside the harbour of Akureyri with some clouds and wind over us, but soon we have been rewarded with some amazing sightings. Our beautiful fjord was plenty of whales feeding. In the morning at least seven different humpback whales were around us! Anywhere we looked we could see a blow of a whale coming up at the surface or the fluke of another one diving in deep waters. Some of them joined in small groups of 3 or 4, helping each other to trap the schools of small fish they were eating. We spent a long amazing time carefully approaching all of them, and we had the opportunity to have some very very close encounters. During our afternoon trip we could find some of them still feeding in the same area, and this time we could clearly see how they were coming at the surface with the mouth wide open in a typical lunge feeding behaviour. Taking pictures of the flukes, every time it was possible, we could recognize two individuals already seen in the last days, and present in our catalogue from the last year: Depill and Linea.