Friday, 18 May 2018

The morning started rather windy but the sun and the whales were there, so happy days! We spotted our first humpback whale (Depill) close the Hjalteyri. Depill is a whale which has been in the area for a few day now and it's the third summer in a row that it comes to visit the fjord. A little bit further, close to Grenivik, we spotted two humpback whales logging at the surface. They were peacefully enjoying the sun and the shelter. The bay in front of Grenivik was very calm. This afternoon was also rich in wildlife encounters. We saw Depill, again close the Hjalteyri, actively feeding close to the freshwater/seawater front created by the river Hörgá. It was swimming around a lot which made it hard to watch so we decided to go further out and join the whale watching boat from Dalvik. There we spotted another humpback which was also engaged in active feeding. This whale gradually slowed is pace and we able to enjoy and few good deep dives. As we moved back inwards we came across two humpback whales, a minke whale, a pod of porpoises and Depill again! We even saw the return of gannets on the fjord! They had left for a few days but they are now back. All in all, a great day on the water!

Text and pictures by Liza Roger