Thursday, 15th February 2018

We had such an adventure on our today‘s tours. We started this morning early going on our first tour of the day at 9 o‘clock on a cold but a beautiful day. As we sailed out the fjord we enjoyed the sightseeing of Eyjafjörður and close to Hrísey we saw three humpback whales together and enjoyed the time we had with them, we know these individuals very well and have named them Giljagaur, Pepper and Vladimir Spoutine. Not far away we noticed one singular humpback whale breaching three times in a row. As we sailed there we had such an adventure with this one, he was active to say the least, breaching and tail slapping constantly as we were there to enjoy our time with him. Later this day we sailed out on our 1 o'clock tour waiting enthusiastic what we might see and on the same spot near Hrísey we encountered first the three humpback whales from the morning tour still together and further out we saw two another humpbacks close together,  it turned out to be  Perla and Ethan new humpbacks that came to the fjord early in February. Six humpbacks all in all here in our amazing fjord today. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir