Monday, 12th February 2018

Today we sailed out at our 1 o‘clock tour ready to search for whales. The weather was nice, a bit cold but our warm overalls, heated saloon and hot drinks available on board help to keep us warm. The sea condition was really good  as we sailed through the fjord and enjoyed the view Eyjafjörður has to offer. Close to Hrísey we encountered two humpbacks we know quite well, and have named Pepper and Giljagaur with them we had quite some time, before we knew we saw yet another two spouts coming out of the water, there we met Vladimir Spoutine and another individual I have not identify yet. In a further distance we saw the newest humpback individuals here in our fjord, Perla and Ethan. They were first seen here in the beginning of the month and have been with us ever since. Before we had to sail back to Akureryi we had them all in a group of six individuals all close to the boat and on all sides. Another successful day here in our fjord today.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir