Thursday, 18 October 2018

Yet another magical day to be had here in Eyjafjörður. It was very pleasant sailing on the way out to find the whales, it wasn´t too cold, there wasn´t much wind and the fjord relativity flat. It did take us quite some time to find the whales today as they were near the south end of the island Hrisey. But when we did find them we were not disappointed as there were sooooo many of them! At least 15 whales popped up all around us, some very close, some further away. A group of five whales even came up near us and continued to entertain us with their beautiful social behaviours. Some old friends joined the party including Aretha Frankfin, D'Artagnan, Avalanche, Snorri, Interstella and Giljagaur. An exceptional day to be out on the fjord.

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson