Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wow what a beautiful day to be out on the fjord. It was a little bit windy and wavy but nothing too bad. We got to see a wonderful minke whale which popped out of the water unexpectedly and showed us its beautiful back and dorsal fin. The humpbacks were very abundant on today´s tour which was super fantastic! The humpies amazed us with some beautiful surface sequences, fluking (raising the tail from the water) and even LUNGE feeding. Lunge feeding is a super rare behaviour where they come out with their mouths wide open to take a huge mouthful of fish, water and krill. They will then partially shut their mouths and let their baleen plates do the work of filtering out the water leaving the yummy food for the whales to swallow and fill their bellies. It´s just thrilling to watch these huge sentient beings come up and actively feed. An incredible day with some beautiful whales!

Text by Tess Hudson, pictures by Babsi Neubarth