Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Going out on today's tour was simply magical! With temperatures around -10°C as we sailed out the fjord, we were ready for an adventure. Our overalls kept us all warm and comfortable onboard throughout the tour, although the weather was quite nice with the sun coming up early, brightening up the mountains, showing us how beautiful Eyjafjörður really is. As we were getting close to Hjalteyri we saw a spout coming up from the water and it turned out to be two humpback whales swimming around close together. I thought one of them might have been Pepper but after looking at the pictures I saw it was another individual. With him we saw Giljagaur a whale we know quite well and is named after one of our Jule Lads. We first saw Giljagaur in December 2016 and again here in the fjord in December 2017 and he has been with us since he came back. On our way home we took a sightseeing tour to look at Hjalteyri a small fishing village close by. Fantastic day here in Eyjafjörður as usual. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir