Monday, 29th January

Sailing out today was quite beautiful. The weather was good with little wind and the temperature was -1 degree Celsius. The sea condition was great and the boat ride was smooth and good. Soon after we sailed out the sun came up only to brighten up the mountains on both side showing the fjord in all it‘s beauty and glory. However we did have to sail through all the fjord today with no success of seeing the whales. On our way back we sailed in the east side of the fjord, and soon we encountered a humpback whale we call Lopapeysa. We stayed with him for some time and he was active and fun, then about 3 km away  we saw 4 blows coming up from the water so we sailed to that group and had a nice encounter with them before we finished sailing back to our lovely hometown Akureyri.

Text and Pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir