Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Today in the morning was a fabulous day in Eyjafjördur: the sea was completely flat. Just southern off the old fishing factory "Hjalteyri" we stopped for the first humpback whale. However, at a distance what a surprise when a second whale just started tail slapping. Therefore, our captain began slowly heading towards the humpback, and the whale repeated many times tail slapping, and also upside down! We got excellent pictures of the fluke from this "tail slapping". Furthermore, another humpback also started tail slapping and tail lobbing. In the same tour, two slapping tails humpbacks were incredible. Moreover, we had many seabirds (arctic terns, fulmars, black headed gulls, kittiwakes) feeding around the whales. A very delightful day with the Eyjafjördur humpbacks and sea birds.

Pictures and text by Manu Bassoi.