Thursday, 6 July 2017

The balance of power has changed in Eyjafjordur! All the action still happens around Hjalteyri, but instead of the usual 7 humpback whales that we frequently found there for the last two weeks, we saw many new faces! One of them turned out to be Picasso, an individual we used to frequently see in Faxafloi for the last 3 years! How exciting to have a visit from our friend here! Some of them where sighted on our tours for the very first time, one was promptly named Baldur, after our awesome engineer on board. We still got to see some of our favorite humpies, including Jackson, Tattoo and the Dark Knight. The day has been easy and fruitful, with many whales and excellent weather. It's just another day in paradise!

Text and pictures by Guillaume Calcagni