Saturday, 3 June 2017

Today in the morning was a fantastic day in Eyjafjördur. The sun was shining, and the sea was completely flat.  As soon as we left Akureyri, we found a minke whale. This individual seemed just to take a ramble around the harbour. Not far from this whale we had another minke whale: a very nice starter for the tour. We left the minkes towards north to search for humpback whales, and there they were! Just southern off Hjalteyri we stopped for the first humpback. What a surprise when the animal just started breaching in front of us - it was incredible. We got an excellent picture of the fluke from this "jumping whale", and looking at our catalogue of flukes we could find that this individual is a well know humpback called "Jackson". There were more two humpback whales in the area, which we could also appreciate. In the afternoon minke and the humpback whales were near the same region that we found them in the morning. A very enjoyable day with the Eyjafjördur humpbacks and minkes, again!

Pictures and text by Manu Bassoi.