Friday, 2 June 2017

Today the weather was pretty rainy and gloomy, but the Eyjafjordur humpbacks made sure to make up for it! Although they were further away than recently, and also spending long time going for dives so less cooperative for the whale watching, we had the pleasure of noticing new faces. We resighted few of our regulars such as Fridolin, Rogue or Lumière, but we did not recognized few of the tail flukes today so that will require further investigation. Exciting times! But not as exciting as the behaviours displayed by our humpies today. This morning we had the chance to see three individuals feeding close to the sea surface, and using bubbles to herd the fish together. We could see them coming at the sea surface with the mouth full of water and the throat skin dramatically expanded! And in the afternoon, we hit the jackpot and witnessed a double breaching! Two humpbacks swimming together successively jumped out of the water... What a sight! We recommend our readers to check out our facebook page to check out the video from one of our passenger. The evening tour was much calmer but we still go to see them fluking, which is always captivating. Today was wet but incredibly lucky day!

Pictures and text by Guillaume Calcagni