Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Beautiful day to be out of the water! The day started off most fantastically with some wonderful whales including some of our favourites; Arnar, Manu, Tattoo and Grenade. The four of these whales were diving and feeding together coming up with their mouths full of water and food. What a fantastic event to witness! Later on in the tour we were very lucky to witness not one but four breaches! So incredible on just one tour too! We were also joined by another whale called Giljagaur, which translates as Gully Gawk and is one of the 13 Icelandic Santa clauses, as this animal was first spotted just before last Christmas. On the next tour as these whales seemed fully fed they came up to greet us in slow measured movements. One of our regular whales also joined the party and we got to see a lot of the whale Fjall. A minke whale also popped up as did a few beautiful harbour porpoises. The next tour on our amazing speedboats also did not disappoint with more whales and even a bit of sunshine. On the last tour of the day the sun was setting in the background as even more wonderful whales surfaced all around us. A beautiful end to a lovely day. 

- Pictures and text by Tess Hudson