Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What a day the fjord had in store for us today! The day started out beautifully with sun and a wonderful flat sea. We saw 4 different whales including some of our regular favourites such as; The Dark Knight, Fjall, Nibbles and Tattoo. These animals surfaced wonderfully for us, and were often raising their beautiful flukes into the air as they went for deeper dives.  The next tour on our larger boat Hólmasól was a tour not to be missed, as we saw more beautiful whales one of which (The Dark Knight) even tailed lobbed three times! What wonderful behaviour to watch! The whale Fjall also surprised us all by suddenly surfacing only a meter from the boat! Right in front of us, giving us all an enjoyable jolt. The final tour of the day started well with some wonderful large blows and a very close encounter with the majestic humpback whale. However, the weather suddenly picked up so we had a rather bumpy return. Nevertheless, this just added to the fun of being out on the fjord and all got to experience the only rollercoaster Iceland has to offer.

-          Pictures and text by Tess Hudson