Monday, 12 June 2017

Today was a historical day for us with the return of the great, the one and only ‘Dark Knight’, one of our most sighted individuals from last year. But let’s start from the beginning, we had a nice tour in the morning with 5-6 humpback whales surfacing very close to the boat in calm sea conditions under a clouded, but dry sky. In the afternoon we went out and pretty soon saw 3 blows of humpback whales in the distance. So we went there and observed them swimming very close to each other and could hear them communicate with very low growls which could even be felt as vibrations on our Rib boat. What an extraordinary experience that was topped when the group of 3 was joined by a 4th whale. It turned out to be our beloved Dark Knight from last year and we were very happy to see him or her again. Overall we saw a total of 10-12 Eyjafjördur humpbacks. For the passengers it was a great day and for the crew a historical one due to the return of the Dark Knight.

Pictures and text by Babsi Neubarth