Sunday, 11 June 2017

The weather was cold and overcast, though we were very excited to get out on the water to watch our majestic humpback whales. As we travelled north, a blow was seen, and our first humpback was sighted. The whale was swimming smoothly but not showing its fluke. Therefore we decided to continue searching for other whales further north the fjord. Soon another blow could be spotted, and we saw our second humpback whale.  The cetacean was more active and also showing its fluke many times, which was very appreciated by the passengers onboard. After a time the captain decided to sail southwards, and we were very lucky again to meet two humpbacks. This time was even better as the individuals came swimming towards us while the vessel was stopped. What a delightful moment.
In the afternoon our vessel Homasol joined the Seafarer Celebration Day in Iceland - Sjomannadagurinn. Congratulations all Icelandic Seafarers! Even the whales seemed to celebrate with many breaches on our afternoon tour, stunning pictures were guaranteed.

Photographs by Babsi and Manu and text by Manu Bassoi.