Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Photographs by Megan Whittaker, Text by Manu Bassoi

Whale Watching 09:00

Very warm temperatures today again ranging up to 20 degrees celsius.

In the morning our first sight was a group of harbour porpoises at a distance. Throughout the tour we must have encountered at least 10-15 porpoises. Afterwards, we were very happy to spot a group of white-beaked dolphins, about 12-15 animals, in the vicinities of Hjalteyri. The dolphins were probably socialising, jumping and sharking, and swam closely to our vessel at times. It was a great morning with these small cetaceans. 

Whale Watching 13:00

We sailed north and our first sight was a minke whale. But this was a very quick sighting, therefore, we continued sailing northwards. As we passed Hjalteyri, there we saw blows from two humpback whales. However, they were not close together and we have chosen the one close to the coast to get a bit closer. Good choice as we could get good pictures of the fluke. After this animal, we sailed southwards and saw two more humpbacks that were waiting for us! We also had a great variety of seabirds. We saw arctic terns, long-tailed ducks, northern fulmars, skuas, and seagulls. Definitely, very good day for white-beaked dolphins, Humpbacks, and seabirds!