Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Very warm temperatures today, feeling like spring is in full swing. We sailed through north with reports of a whale deep inside the fjord. As we approached Hjalteyri, there we saw the blow of a humpback whale. The whale was surfacing very quickly and it soon became clear that there in fact two humpbacks swimming peacefully with each other. We advanced slowly and when within a close enough range, stopped the boat and admired these animals from a safe distance. The whales swam closely to our vessel at times, with their bright white pectoral fins easily visible through the water. We spent an hour and a half roughly watching these animals surface repeatedly and as we decided to head home, one of the whales performed a lunge feed. Its wide-open mouth was met with gasps from all on board. Unfortunately, we had to start our journey back and left the pair alone. Incredible encounter onboard Skrudur today which left all the passengers feeling very happy.