Saturday, 27 May 2017

You would think you get used to seeing so many humpback whales, but what a crazy day today ! Once again we have seen many regulars, including this group of 3 individuals always traveling together for the past couple of days (Sai, Karo and Manu). Our dear Jackson has been spending the day in duo with Tinkerbell, who knows how long will they stay together? The afternoon tour has been marked by the presence of a relaxed minke whale right at the exit of the harbour! Although it's not rare, a minke whale is not something that you specialy expect on our tour, and even less so close from the departing point! And all of this happened in calm sea and under sun shine, with only cold wind to remind us that we are in subpolar latitudes. Overall we must have seen a dozen of individuals of humbpack whales today, including Fridolin, Winchester, and two individuals we don't know yet. How exciting to meet new faces!

Text and photographs by Guillaume Calcagni