Friday, 26 May 2017

Today Eyjafjordur has provided plenty of humpback whales again! First in the morning we got to see together 3 of our regulars together: Sai, Manu and Jackson. After few minutes with them we witnessed Jackson parting with the group and going on its own. After that we went past Hjalteyri on the opposite shore and met Euclid, this crazy humpback feeding shallow waters (less than 2m deep). In this afternoon we got to see even more individuals! Sai and Manu were still together, and surprisingly close to the harbour with that! They were swimming less than 100m away from the docks in the industrial area of the harbour. Further we found 2 news individuals and Karo and Rogue as well. The latter threw its body out of the water 3 times, displaying massive breaches! It's like a dream that is never ending, this fjord is full of humpback whales, and today we had the pleasure to resight again many of our regulars in addition of plenty of harbour porpoises.

Text and photographs by Guillaume Calcagni