Friday, 12 May 2017

Another day full of humpbacks and harbour porpoises in the fjord. Even though it was raining and snowing quite a bit it did not stop us from going out on two tours today. In the morning we took our Rib boat out for a fast ride and could enjoy the presence of two humpback whales and many harbour porpoises. The first whale was not far away from Akureyri and its sight surely made us forget the slightly chilly temperatures. In the afternoon we took our big boat Holmasol for a stroll in the fjord and were fortunate enough to encounter three feeding humpbacks, many porpoises and briefly one minke whale. We are not sure what happened with the porpoises today, but they were so curious about Holmasol that they checked it out from every possible angle. Our passengers could even follow them directly underneath the water surface as they swam and surfaced directly next to us. What a treat to see the big humpbacks and the tiny porpoises so agile and close.

Text by Babsi Neubarth, pictures by Manu Bassoi and Babsi