Thursday, 11 May 2017

Today was the maiden voyage of our new boat "Holmasol". We could not have been more excited to finally see it in action. The sky was overcast, threatening to rain and snow all afternoon. However, that didn't affect good sightings for humpbacks whales. Approaching Hjalteyri, two blows could be seen and we spent some time waiting for the whales to surface. 
We stayed joining these whales and on the way back we could spot two more humpbacks. So far, four whales in the morning, and many harbour porpoises too; not a bad start to this day. In the afternoon, we sailed on the RIB boat. The weather was not good, snowing and cold. However, we had a very nice encounter with a Humpback whale in the eastern part of the fjord. It was a few hundred metres from as so we made our way closer slowly.  After appreciating the whale we moved to a second humpback which was moving very slowly and was much easier to watch showing its flukes many times. Great pictures and the encounter paid off the colder temperatures in the afternoon.

Photographs and text by Manu Bassoi.