Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The sea state and wind were ever changing on this trip with perfectly flat seas in some areas and choppy conditions in others. This was mainly due to the south westerly wind that was blowing, with the surrounding mountains sheltering sections of the fjord. A large number of harbour porpoises were seen throughout the sail north towards Hrisey with many individuals scattered over the area. As we approached the island a minke whale was spotted a couple of times before going down deeper. We waited for several minutes for the animal to reappear and when it did, it surfaced quite far from it's original position. As we turned the boat to make our way over to the whale, it had already gone down again. This continued for another 15-20 minutes. Due to the whale being very difficult to watch we continued the search further out. We went as far as the mouth of the fjord with no more luck, until a minke popped up within 15 metres of the boat, but just like before, it sunk beneath and vanished. Complimentary tickets were issued as the whale was very hard to watch and did not provide good views