Monday, 24 April 2017

Conditions were perfect today, flat seas and amazing visibility but a cold wind still blew however from the north. Harbour porpoises were spotted within ten minutes of leaving the harbour as a small group of 3-4 individuals cruised by. Porpoises were then seen throughout and as we approached Hrisey, a large blow was seen. It was a humpback whale that was feeding as we saw it's large head and open mouth rush to the surface. Another whale then surfaced much closer to us and we stalled the boat to watch this individual. The whale was swimming in very shallow water and was clearly feeding as we saw this animal also bring it's open mouth to the surface under a group of feeding birds. We had to watch from a distance as the water was very shallow and as a result the whale was not lifting it's fluke from the water to dive. At one point, the whale turned and swam towards us. The large silhouette was very close and the white pectoral fins were clearly visible. We watched this individual for an hour, slowly swimming and performing shallow dives to feed before deciding to head home. Everyone was very pleased to get such close views of the animal.