Friday, 17 February 2017

Whale Watching 11:00
A still, misty and beautiful sail up Eyjafjörður this cold day, every mountain and cloud reflected of the mirrored waters. Birdlife was abundant, razorbills, fulmars, seagulls, eider ducks and very large flocks of long-tailed ducks. Unfortunately once again the Eyjafjord humpbacks were nowhere to be found and they would have easily been seen with the conditions of today, even from miles away. On the west coast of Hrísey we found loads of harbour porpoises. Video of these can be found on our Facebook page. In the end we gave our passengers complimentary tickets but they thoroughly enjoyed the sailing and scenery.
Text and Pictures by Megan Whittaker
Northern Lights 21:00
CANCELLED - Due to overcast skies.