Thursday, 26 January 2017

Photographs by Megan Whittaker

Whale Watching: An incredible day, southerly winds that got to us in a few areas of the fjord but mostly the fjord was calm and very picturesque. After 2 hours or sailing with no sightings we were getting a bit worried. We were north of Hrísey and where on a search for some dolphins that have been seen a few times over the last weeks in this area. We were about to turn and head south again, home, when we spotted lots of small splashes. We saw some black dorsals amongst these splashes through the binoculars and were very happy the dolphins were still around and they brought their friends too. It was amazing a huge superpod of at least 100 if not more white-beaked dolphins. Dolphins are not often seen in the fjord and even less so in such large numbers, so I (the guide) was very excited. They were traveling fast together, up to 9 knots (16 km/h), breaching and porpoising. This behaviour is thought to be associated with socialising, this behaviour allows to reduce drag and lets the view their environment better and could be just fun. As soon as we got closer they changed their direction and came towards us. They were definitely in the socialising mood. A fantastic tour.. 


Northern Lights: A beautiful northern lights display to finish off a pretty awesome day. We had the Aurora from the get go, faint at first but become stronger and more active throughout the tour. Time lapse of the tour can be found on our Facebook page: