Thursday, 29 September 2016

A strong wind blowing from the Northwest made sailing a bit rougher than usual here in our beautiful Eyjafjördur. But it turned out to be a lot of fun, especially for our passengers on the Ribs to experience a true soft adventure in the North Atlantic ocean. Even though it was raining quite a bit, it did not stop us from enjoying our amazing humpbacks. In the morning we had Dark Knight, King Louis and two musketeers entertaining us, the highlight being one of them spyhopping and looking straight at us. It felt like the humpback was also watching us while we were watching them. In total we saw 6 different humpbacks in the morning and also plenty in the afternoon. However, the humpbacks were a bit more elusive and spread out in the afternoon so that we had to spend a bit more time searching for them than during the last two weeks. Nevertheless our passengers could get nice looks of them. You can definitely feel the beginning of autumn now here in Akureyri, but our great humpbacks totally make it worth to sail out into the fjord even when it is a bit more chilly.

•Barbara Neubarth

•Pictures by Barbara Neubarth