Friday, 30 September 2016

Today it felt like we rediscovered Eyjafjordur ! After spending two weeks in the exact same area, witnessing the exact same whales (don't get me wrong, it was awesome), it was refreshing to sail further away in the fjord, as the usual spot seemed to be empty. We reached beyond Hjalteyri, and there we were welcomed by a galore of humpback whales ! Overall, we met a total of at least 15 individuals ! There was so many calmly surfacing around that it was hard to focus and get a picture of all of them ! We reckonized the regular whales that stayed with us lately, but we were thrilled to also identify old buddies that we didn't see for a while, such as Frankenstein, Awesome Fluker or Millenium Falcon. To add to this excitment, we also saw 2 whales that didn't match our catalogue, thus 2 new individuals ! Our whale watching was also made pleasant by a placid sea, and if temperatures were quite chilly, we were sparred by the wind. All day we could sail in easy conditions, and there was the majestic mountains watching upon us, making an unforgettable scenery. Small bonus: in the afternoon we had few glimpses of adventurous harbour porpoises. Exciting times, those humpback whales doesn't seem to be headed anywhere, and their number keeps on increasing !

  • Guillaume Calcagni

  • Picture by Guillaume Calcagni