Friday, 11 November 2016

Photographs by Guðlaugur Ottesen Karlsson

The weather did a 180 overnight, contrast to the beautiful weather yesterday today was a little miserable. Stronger winds but luckily the rain stayed away to let us be outside and enjoy the whales. The whales must have loved the weather because we had five different humpback whales today that we could identify due to the colour, patterns and scars on the underside of the fluke. Three that we could recognize from previous tours 'Needle', 'Pepper' and 'Daggers' and two new individuals to our catalog. We asked the passengers to write a name on a piece of paper and the best name, chosen by the crew, got to name a whale. The winner won the prize of naming a humpback whale 'Avalanche'. The other was decided to name 'WiFi' due to small scars on the left part of the fluke that looks like the WiFi icon.

To match the names to the flukes please see our facebook page

Text by Megan Whittaker