Thursday, 23 August 2018

With the rain and the wind, wearing an overall suit was definitely a good choice for our passengers today. Icelandic weather don't stop us from heading outside in the fjord looking for our beautiful whales! And again our efforts have been repaid: in all our tours we spotted 3 humpback whales, swimming around and feeding in the area right before Hjalteyri, so just 20-30  minutes away from Akureyri harbour. We easily identified one of them: it was Depill again, seen in the fjord already yesterday! The fluke of another one was really distinctive, as it was full of rake marks, likely left from attacks of killer whales, and also this whale has been actually seen before in our fjord, its name is Ziggy. The third individual was a new one! We have seen it also yesterday and our captain Orn decided to call it as one of our guides, who will finish to work and leave Iceland in few days. So it looks like we have a new entry, called "Albert the humpback whale" (just to be sure not to mistake it with "Albert the spanish guide", otherwise called Gonzalo for friends). So we can just give a big warm welcome to our new whale!:)


Text and Pictures by Annalisa Sambolino