Friday, 24 August 2018

We sailed out with beautiful conditions, the sun was out and we had clear views of the fjord. After half an hour sailing at the height of the old herring factory Hjalteri we encountered the first humpback whale named Depill. We managed to see Depill several times before we sailed further out in the fjord and we encountered several humpback whales, there were around 8 individuals in the area.
We managed to get close up looks at one of our newest arrivals that we named Albert, after one of our guides this year. On our way back we got a few surprises, first a humpback whale came up right next to the boat giving us a real close up view and a few minutes later we saw massive splashes in the distance.
Our first thoughts were that this was a breaching or tail slapping humpback whale, it turned out however to be a breaching Minke whale. Minke whales are another type of baleen whale that we regularly encounter in the fjord, but to see one breach is quite a rare thing. The Minke whale breached three times in a row, throwing its entire body out of the water.
It was a great day with many beautiful whales.

Text by Anouk de Plaa; Pictures by Albert Camara