Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sadly, our morning tours were cancelled today due to adverse weather. However, our afternoon tour went out and proved to be a nice trip. Not so far away from Akureyri, we spotted our known humpback whale called "King Louis". The whale was swimming nicely and showing the fluke several times, and all eyes and cameras onboard Holmasol were prepared for these moments.  Afterwards, we encountered our second humpback, actually a new whale for us which we named as "'Harley Dafinson". This humpback gave us a private show with some nice tail lobbing. At the end of the tour, the whales joined to each other, and our last view was the two humpbacks swimming together. Despite the morning weather, our afternoon tour was delightful. 

Text by Manu Bassoi and pictures by Manu Bassoi and Guillaume Calcagni.